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Cryptocurrency backed by Real-World value.

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bridging the gap to

  • bitcoin

  • ethereum

  • litecoin

  • US Dollar

Store Credit

The only enterprise solution
for store credit.

Utilize DISC Blockchain to manage your store credit.


Simply deploy and manage your blockchain using DISC Tools.

Consumer Friendly

Mobile Wallets and APIs for Customer access to funds.

Real-Time Analytics

Follow every step of the transaction lifecycle.

Creating a win-win
for everyone

Consumers and Enterprises alike benefit from the revolutionary features of blockchain including privacy, security, and utility.

Enterprises can deploy a Store Credit blockchain with DISC that can then pass those benefits on to their customers as reliable form of payment.


Coin Meets World

The mission of DISC has always been focused on real-world adoption. Want your Grandma to be able to use blockchain? We want her to also. The aim is to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and everyday life.

Accounting Ready

We know accounting and compliance can be headache. So we've crafted something special.

DISC blockchains are structured to provide businesses transactional data, as soon as they need it.

Transaction Ready

DISC provides robust API access to your blockcahin to seemlessly accept Store Credit as aa form of payment.


No False Promises.

Building a product that requires real-world adoption leaves no room for gimmicks. We've been quietly developing the DISC Blockchain solution.


Buy Swap Sell Spend Gift

All-in-one app to secure, manage, gift and spend store credit.

It begins with total security.

View, manage and sort all your tokens easily. Providing fast coin management in your local currency.

  • Purchase Store Credit
  • Easy Coin Management
  • Swap/Gift Coins
  • Protect Identity
  • Track Spending
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